Douglas Aldridge

Douglas Aldridge is a passionate and eccentric American Multi-instrumentalist and Alternative, Indie Folk Singer-Songwriter residing in Atlanta, GA. Born in Miami, FL., in February 1985, to renowned Singer and Music Minister, Douglas Aldridge Sr. They moved to Georgia when Douglas was less than one years old. Douglas’s grandfather, Donald Eugene Aldridge (1931-2016), was also a renowned Singer in his 20s in Steubenville, Ohio, making Douglas Aldridge a 3rd generation singer and entertainer. Douglas Aldridge grew up listening to the music of his parents and grandparents. As soon as He was old enough, Douglas joined the chorus in his elementary school, and he continued to sing in the chorus throughout high school. At the age of 16, Douglas started writing down his own song ideas and joined a band called “Grade D Beef” with 2 of his close friends but because of family turbulence, that project only lasted a few months. Two years would pass before he would, around 18 years old, move to Athens, Ga and form a band “Rhabdophobic”. Learning a lot of the basics in the three years to follow, Douglas recorded his first solo E.P. “About Time,” an album about the struggles he faced as a teenager with his own family, with authority and with the band “Rhabdophobic” and the other two band member’s family, which He lived with until 2006. Douglas Aldridge, then reconnected with a longtime friend to start a folk duo “The North and South” and really started to find himself as a Singer-Songwriter. He found a muse in his own limitations, His struggles with alcohol, and the struggles with drugs that many of His close friends and family were embattled. The collapse of his home, relationships, and job forced Douglas Aldridge to once again pick up the pieces. He moved back to Gwinnett, which led to his 2nd L.P. “To Sing The Blues,” an album about his poor self-image and poor life choices. After some very self-destructive years, Douglas Aldridge began to collect himself and for the next three years working on his 3rd solo L.P. “And To Scream Loudly,” an album about anger, loss, and redemption. In 2015, Douglas released a collection of new songs on his “Mouth Full Of Nothing” E.P., which sparked his creative nature and started him on a path to writing and releasing an E.P. “Optional” that would be some of his most well-received work in May 2016. “Optional” was His first album to be accepted by Pandora, and it leads to many more successes. Douglas Aldridge is quoted as saying his true definition of success is, “…To visit my grandfather, in the months before his passing, and telling him of the successes I had begun to see in my music career.” A few months after his grandfather’s death, Douglas Aldridge began writing his latest L.P. “Running From Myself” an album about dreaming in a world that always wants to wake you up.It is rumored that Douglas Aldridge is planning to release a 2nd L.P. “Catching Glimpses” in December of 2017. There are also rumors that he plans to release a reissue of “To Sing The Blues” fully remastered by the end of June or beginning of July. Douglas Aldridge currently resides in the Greater Atlanta area and is very active on social media. Follow, Like, subscribe and share.

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