Artist Load Out

Load Out Instructions:

We have a large number of trailers this weekend, so please work with your neighbors to ensure a smooth and quick load-out.

1. You MUST be completely broken down and all of your things MOVED OFF onto the pavement before you will be given a load out pass from the staff member assigned to your area.

2. Loadout will NOT start until the site is clear of all pedestrians and sponsor booths – which is usually about 5:30 – 5;45 P.M., so don’t be in a rush.

3. You MUST have a loadout pass (which will be given to you by one of the staff) in order to enter the festival area to load out.

4. Please do not leave your space looking for a staff member for a load out pass – remain in your booth and we will come to you.
    All zip ties/ cable ties/ trash must be picked up and your site area clear of all debris – before a pass will be given.

5. Please pull into your space and try and keep the road clear so that vehicles can pass around you.

6. Do not drive on the grass or jump the curbs.

7. IF you have a trailer – please WAIT until the folks around you have loaded out – then you can pull into their space to load out.

8. You will enter from the 14th Street Gate entrance (same as load-in) – we will have an officer posted to collect your pass.
     Reminder – you must have a loadout pass to enter.

9. Only one vehicle per booth at a time is permitted.  If you have two vehicles you will need to Exit – and obtain another load out pass to bring the second vehicle in.

10. It is your responsibility to inform your spouse that they will need a load out pass – if they arrive at the gate and they do not have a pass, they will not be permitted to enter.

11. No one will be permitted to enter without a pass, and you have to return to your booth to obtain a loadout the pass.  
      Please remain in your booth – so the staff can check your area. 


13. Do not be in a rush – do not break down before 55:00 P.M.- Loadout pass will not be given until the site is clear of pedestrains and is save to have a vehicle enter. (see #2)

14. Please put on your hazard lights/ flashers – when entering the festival site, Do not drive fast.

15. Please keep your vehicles pull alongside the curb area – so that the golfs carts can get by – if you block the carts – we can not give out passes.

16. We are unable to give golf cart rides to the exit gate.

17. IF EVERYONE works together- is COMPLETELY broken down and their sites are cleared – move their vehicles off (into their space) so that others can pass – Loadout will go quikly.

18. If you are unsure of any of the instructions check with staff.